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Concrescence, 2000, Volume 1 A Journey Towards the Processual Understanding of Virtual Organisations Abstract   PDF
Mark R. Dibben, Niki Panteli
Concrescence, 2000, Volume 1 A Process Pluralistic Universe Abstract   PDF
John Buchanan
Concrescence, 2001, Volume 2 Acts as the Only Real Processes Abstract   PDF
Peter Forrest
Concrescence, 2004, Volume 5 Applying Process Thought: Introduction to the Special Issue Details   PDF
Mark R. Dibben, Thomas A. F. Kelly
Concrescence, 2000, Volume 1 Asymmetrical Interdependence: An Integration of Buddhism and Process Philosophy Abstract   PDF
Peter Kakol
Concrescence, 2001, Volume 2 Asymmetry, Symmetry, and Asymmetry-in-Symmetry: A Constructive Response to Peter Kakol’s “Asymmetrical Interdependence: An Integration of Buddhism and Process Philosophy” Abstract   PDF
Adam Scarfe
Concrescence, 2004, Volume 5 Bergson’s Approach to Social Structures: The Centrality of Openness Abstract   PDF
Pete A. Y. Gunter
Concrescence, 2003, Volume 4 Big Things From Little Things? The problem of the compound individual. Abstract   PDF
Moses Gregory J.
Concrescence, 2009, Volume 10 Causal Processes: Steps towards a systematic and formal interpretation of Alfred NorthWhitehead's ontology Details   PDF
Ludwig J. Jaskolla
Concrescence, 2004, Volume 5 Changing Cultures in Organizations: A Process of Organic-ization Abstract   PDF
Paul Cecil
Concrescence, 2004, Volume 5 Defending Democracy Against Neo-Liberalism: Process Philosophy, Democracy and the Environment Abstract   PDF
Arran Gare
Concrescence, 2005, Volume 6 Democracy and Education: Defending the Humboldtian University and the Democratic Nation-State as Institutions of the Radical Enlightenment Abstract   PDF
Arran Gare
Concrescence, 2009, Volume 10 Efficient Action: What Process Ontology Could Learn From Aristotle Details   PDF
Megan Altman
Concrescence, 2001, Volume 2 Environmental Ethics in Process Thought Abstract   PDF
Charles Birch
Concrescence, 2009, Volume 10 Epochal Time and the Creativity of Thinking: Henri Bergson and Alfred North Whitehead Details   PDF
Maria Teresa Martins Vieira Teixeira
Concrescence, 2002, Volume 3 F. W. J. Schelling's and M. M. Bakhtin's Process Thinking Abstract   PDF
Miroslav Orel
Concrescence, 2009, Volume 10 Foundations of a Whiteheadian Ethic Details   PDF
David Badham
Concrescence, 2009, Volume 10 Harmonism: A Whiteheadian and Chinese Approach to Inter-Religious Dialogue Details   PDF
Zhihe Wang
Concrescence, 2004, Volume 5 How Can A Process Ontology Aid Philosophical Theology? Abstract   PDF
Thomas A. F. Kelly
Concrescence, 2000, Volume 1 How Kenotic Process Theology Underpins Humanist Deep Ecology Abstract   PDF
Peter Forrest
Concrescence, 2008, Volume 9 How Not To Be An Atheist: A Neoclassical Response to the New Atheism Abstract   PDF
Donald Wayne Viney
Concrescence, 2001, Volume 2 Human Development and the Nature of Creativity Abstract   PDF
Matt Fisher
Concrescence, 2000, Volume 1 Human Ecology, Process Philosophy And The Global Ecological Crisis Abstract   PDF
Arran Gare
Concrescence, 2003, Volume 4 In What Sense is Whitehead’s Speculative Philosophy a First Philosophy? Abstract   PDF
Randy Ramal
Concrescence, 2009, Volume 10 Introduction to the Special Issue: International Essay Contest—2008 Details   PDF
Franz Riffert
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