Call for Papers ...

1. Charles  Birch

The first call is for papers in memory of the distinguished Australian ecologist and process philosopher, Charles Birch, who passed away in December 2009. 

Suggested topics would include:

* His work in animal rights and advocation of 'intrinsic value' as broadly applied.
* His work in developing the concept of the 'ecologically sustainable society' and sustainability issues in general.
* His work in articulating the contrasts between machines and organisms, or substance versus process thinking.
* His work bridging the divide between science and religion and ethics.

A bibliography of Charles' publications will be available on the Concrescence site shortly.

2. Alfred North Whitehead Sesqui-Centenary

The second call for papers is for an issue dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Whitehead's birth. The call is for papers mainly of a historical nature, looking at Whitehead's life and times, and the development of his work. This may also cover an examination of the influences on his thinking by others, as well as his influences on others and those who came after him.