Established in 2000 by members of the Australasian Association for Process Thought, Concrescence* is an online, peer-reviewed journal primarily dedicated to the study and application of the work of Alfred North Whitehead, Charles Hartshorne and other like-minded philosophers of process.

Academic papers and reviews are invited on all subjects addressing the problems and issues in process-relational metaphysics. The journal provides a forum for exploring a broad range of issues in this speculative or revisionist field, but not ignoring critical and analytical methods: from the philosophy of science to theology, from environmental ethics to politics, from historical analyses to contemporary issues.



The growing together of a many into the unity of a one.
It is "the real constitution of a particular existent." (ANW - PR 320)



Call for Papers ...


The editorial board for Concrescence is calling for papers for the next two issues of the journal.

One in dedication of the work of Charles Birch, and the other of a historical nature in celebration of Whitehead's sesquicentenary.

Further information and article submissions please email Peter Farleigh:

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Concrescence, 2009, Volume 10

Table of Contents


Introduction to the Special Issue: International Essay Contest—2008
Franz Riffert
Whitehead: Relativity and Experience
Ronny Desmet
Causal Processes: Steps towards a systematic and formal interpretation of Alfred NorthWhitehead's ontology
Ludwig J. Jaskolla
Foundations of a Whiteheadian Ethic
David Badham
Efficient Action: What Process Ontology Could Learn From Aristotle
Megan Altman
Whitehead on the Contingency of Nature's Laws
Jeremy Dunham
Surface and Depth: An Exploration of Language in Whitehead and Derrida
Jeremy Fackenthal
Redefining Value in Process Philosophy: A Consideration of Buddhism, Hartshorne, and Whitehead
Joseph John
Towards a Whiteheadian Neurophenomenology
Lars Marstaller
Process Communitarianism
Daniel J. Ott
Epochal Time and the Creativity of Thinking: Henri Bergson and Alfred North Whitehead
Maria Teresa Martins Vieira Teixeira
Harmonism: A Whiteheadian and Chinese Approach to Inter-Religious Dialogue
Zhihe Wang